Town Planning


This year at NIRMITEE'18 we are proud to present town planning, the event with a new scope and perspective. It will be one of its kind, encouraging student participants to think beyond the blatant thought-process. This year we are introducing the “SMART TRANSPORTATION” in planning where students will have to use their scope of imagination and finesse to design and plan an organised transport system within a stipulated time stated in the problem statement. Smart Transportation proposes to manage capacity by better integrating land use and transportation planning. This event will prepare you to tackle the different issues which are generated at the time of designing network, covering all the aspects of the same.


The Event will be conducted in 2 stages:
STAGE 1: (Day 1)
1) Preparing the plan in the given time.
2) Selection of best plans on the same day.
STAGE 2 (Day 2)
1) Presentation by the teams selected providing justification and reasons supporting their plan, to the respected judges.
WINNERS: Based on the scores given by judges in solving problem statement and presentation skills.


1. Under Graduates (FE to BE), Post Graduate and Diploma students of any stream are eligible.
2. A team of minimum 2 and maximum 4 students is allowed.
3. The allotted time for planning is 3 hours.
4. Maximum time allowed for presentation is 7 minutes and 3 minutes for questioning.
5. No reference material is allowed during the planning session of the event.
6. Participants will be provided with sheets and pages for calculations.
7. Participants will have to bring their own colors if needed.
8. Assistance if necessary will be provided by the technical team at the time of event.

No of participants: 4(max)


Event Heads: Akshay Deshmukh - +919975244404
                        Rohan Dhatbale      - +917304850183


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