Construction industry is one of the booming Industries in the world. This Industry is mainly an urban based one which is concerned with preparation as well as construction of real estate properties which results to use various types of software’s to reduce the human effort. Hence we at Nirmitee inspires students with confidence by introducing this event “SOFTCON” to show their skills using variety of software’s such as AutoCAD, MSP, primavera, Tekla, excel etc.



The problem statement will be given on the spot, and participant has to develop the problem as per requirements. Following are the software’s kept for the event:
  • AutoCAD
  • Microsoft Project
  • Primavera
  • Tekla
  • MS excel


      A residential or public building plan is to be designed and developed (double line plan) by participant showing necessary details within stipulated time.
      1. 1 person participant is allowed.
      2. Time limit : 1 hour 20 minutes.
      3. Autocad 2018 will be provided.
      4. Decision of judge will be final and binding to all.
      5. Only undergraduate,postgraduate and diploma students from recognised institutes are eligible for participation in the event.

      Microsoft project is project management software product, developed by Microsoft and it is designed to assist a project manager. It is used to manage the project by linking activities with their duration for optimum utilization of different resources.
      Using MSP we can apply the resources to each activity and able to draw cash flow charts and resource allocation charts.
      1. With your knowledge of civil engineering and logic interlink the activities which are given in a project.
      2. The most optimum duration is preferable
      3. The activity data is given in Excel. Each participant will be able to copy data on your project sheet with proper commands(Setting the calendar as per holiday and working day given in the problem is expected).
      4. After linking all the activity logically participant must show the following in the Excel format.
      a. Critical part of the project.
      5. Time limit for the each participant is 1 hour and participant with minimum time with least error will be declared as winner.
      6. The decision of judge is final and binding to all.

    No. of Participants:1


    Event Heads:

    Prathamesh Kamble-   8605799336
    Abhishek Admane-    9665202958


    Keep checking the website for updates: