Have you ever looked at a problem seen in the society and thought you had a unique idea or solution to solve it? Do you think given a challenging task, you can simplify it on the basis of your creative and innovative aptitude? Then, IDEATHON is a perfect opportunity to pitch your futuristic visions, ideas, unique designs, engineering creativity and out of box thinking. Besides presenting your Ideas you also need to develop new, creative and innovative ones on the spot based on an actual interesting problem given to you. IDEATHON will examine whether your critical thinking ability and creativity is up to the mark!



A brief introduction explaining your ideas and concept needs to be e-mailed before 19th March 2018. The best abstracts will be shortlisted and would qualify for Presentation Round. Your topic selected should be based on any aspect of Civil Engineering. The ideas can also be a solution to current problems.
E.g: 3-D painted speed breakers, portable signals for traffic problems, etc. or electricity generating speed breaker.


Each shortlisted team will have to present their Ideas, Innovations or solutions to Civil Engineering Problems to a Jury of Judges. The presentation should cover all important points explaining your ideas and not exceed 10 minutes. In general, Judging will be based upon the following aspects:
  • Concept
  • Vision and Goal
  • Presentation
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Impact on the Society

However, it may vary depending upon the type of the Topic.


In this round, you would be provided with a series of actual engineering problems.
E.g: Suggest best possible dam site on a provided contour map or suggest modifications in the design of footpaths or state whether the given bridge in the picture is stable or not, etc. You have to provide a feasible and unique solution for the same. The problems and further details will be provided on the spot. No deep technical knowledge is expected in solving the problems. You would be tested based on your qualities such as logical reasoning, creativity, designing aspect and decision-making abilities.
* Each round has equal weightage. The winner will be decided based on the combined score of Round 1 and 2.


Students under any domain, Engineering, Architecture, Designing, etc are eligible to participate. However, the ideas and presentations should be strictly related to any aspect under the CIVIL ENGINEERING sector. Interdisciplinary teams and Ideas will be welcomed.
An ideal event for Diploma, FE, SE and TE students as you will be tested on the basis of your innovative thinking, engineering creativity and imagination. No deep technical knowhow is expected.
BE students working on unique projects should definitely consider participating.

**Abstract Submission**

To be submitted on 19th March 2018.

No. of Participation: 1-3

PARTICIPATION FEE: Rs. 150/- per team

Event Heads:

Pranav Darda  - +91-9021818282
Swapnil Bihani- +91-9421777999


Keep checking the website for updates: