Cubecrete is the event to judge your Concrete Mix Design skills



Participants will have to cast three concrete cubes using standard OPC cement, any waste material as a partial or full replacement to fine aggregate and/or coarse aggregate.


  1. Participant will have to draft Design mix of concrete according to the specifications in the problem statement.
  2. Three cubes of dimensions 150mm x 150mm x 150mm have to be cast in their respective college laboratory.
  3. Any waste material can be used as a partial or full (e.g.-50%) replacement to fine or/and coarse aggregate. Percentage replacement will be calculated by weight.
  4. Std. OPC cement, admixtures can be used for concrete mix.
  5. Compressive strength of the cubes will be measured using compressive testing machine.
  6. The group with defined compressive strength range will go to the next round.
  7. Every group should bring the mix design report and cost analysis of concrete cube and should be able to clearly explain it.
  8. 3 Days compressive strength will be considered for the testing.
  9. The decisions of judges will be binding and final.
  10. Photographs of material used and short 2 min video of casting process is compulsory.

Round 1- Teams with compressive strength within the specified range of strength will qualify for the next round. For e.g.-(13Mpa to 17Mpa)
Round 2- In round 2 the marks will be given based on percentage replacement of fine and coarse aggregate and cost analysis of the cubes. The selected teams will proceed to next round.
Round 3- In the final round judges will ask questions to the participants based on their mix design and cost analysis. Based on this the winners will be chosen by the judges only.

Problem statement will be released on 16th March. Details such as grade of concrete, cost analysis report format and detailed marking scheme for round 2 will be specified in the problem statement.

No. of Participants: 3


Event Heads: Ketan Bhoi-7875088683
                      Pooja Todkar-8087377841


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