Bob the Builder

Event Details: -

It is a Model-Making Event with Structural Analysis Software E-Tabs which is widely used in Civil Industry for construction of Buildings in RCC. Our Team will teach all the Participants how to use the software from basics through online webinars & also conduct a Workshop a day before the Event. So, it’s not just a Competition but also a Learning Event for People to be better prepared for real-life Civil Engineering Challenges & Industry!


  • Team: 2 Participants (max)
Participation Fee: 150/-


The Event will be held according to given schedule & it will be posted on our Facebook Page & WhatsApp Groups where people will be added as soon as they are registered.
Date Session Platform Marks
12 March Webinar 1 Youtube
13 March Assignment 1, Help Seesion 1 Facebook,Teamviewer 5
14 March Webinar 2 Youtube
15 March Assignment 2, Help Seesion 2 Facebook,Teamviewer 5
16 March Webinar 3 Youtube
17 March Assignment 3, Help Seesion 3 Facebook,Teamviewer 5
18 March Webinar 4 Youtube
19 March Assignment 4, Help Seesion 4 Facebook,Teamviewer 5
21 March Final Workshop MIT College
22 March Testing & Result MIT College 80
Note: - Report till 09:30 am on 21st March 2018

Platforms Usage: -

  • WhatsApp: As soon as you are a part of Bob the Builder Learners Group, you & your team mate will be added to our WhatsApp Group where the Admin will co-ordinate your team with Software Training, webinars, assignments, help sessions and all kinds of queries that you might encounter!
  • YouTube: With reference to the mentioned schedule, webinars (online lectures) will be conducted on YouTube by our Team for you to learn the Software & a doubt solving team will be helping you in real-time in the comments.
  • Facebook: With reference to the mentioned schedule, we will post online assignments on Bob the Builder’s Facebook Project & Participants teams are supposed to re-create the models & mail their models for evaluation for which you’ll be provided 5 marks each
  • TeamViewer: It is a screen-sharing tool. So, for instance if you get stuck somewhere, you can connect with us by TeamViewer & we will be able to operate your Computer & PCs without physically being at your location!

Dhanashri Patil:+917058585890
Shruti Birhare:+919922147920


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